About Clerisy Publishers

What we Stand for

Clerisy publishers is a modern and innovative publisher of scientific journals which are committed to disseminating high quality research to as wide an audience as possible. Clerisy is multidisciplinary open access publisher of manuscripts covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine.

Open Journals are made freely and permanently available online immediately upon publication. They are subject to high-level peer review, author and production services ensuring quality and reliability of the work.

Clerisy Journals are advance path breaking journals that accept an open access approach to publication, examining research as a cooperative enterprise among authors, editors, referees, and readers.

All works published by Clerisy publishers are under the terms of Open Access Creative Commons Attribution License. This permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work, provided if it is the original work and source is appropriately cited.

We will publish the articles in various formats such as PDFs, Full-text, Digital etc..

Our Vision & Mission

  • Our mission is to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge by delivering the latest information contained in research papers that enhances understanding, which in turn enables them to advance in research activities.
  • An integral part of our scholarly mission is to publish journals of the highest quality with High visibility, readership and impact, presenting innovative research that furthers future advances.
  • Our fundamental vision and prescient is to allow all scientific communities, academia, experts in clinical domains and medical domains to access relevant research information without any barrier and free of charge. We welcome all the intricate individuals to preserve your research, online.
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