Article Processing Charges (APC's)

Article Processing Charges (APC's)

Clerisy publishers, open access publication articles are freely and permanently available online, immediately upon publication. It also provides increased visibility to the authors work as well as science institutions and funders. This is made possible by payments that are made by authors, their institution or funding bodies, commonly known as an article-processing charge (APC) that covers the range of publishing services we provide and the entire cost of the publication process. Article-processing charge for authors varies from journal to journal.

Article-processing charges pay for:

  • Developing and maintaining publishing tools for editors, reviewers and authors
  • Peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving
  • Allowing immediate access to the PDF and full text versions of the articles
  • Securing inclusion in various indexing sites to increase the visibility and enabling electronic citation in other journals through Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Our standard article processing charges of Journals

Maternity Complications and Womens health Journal$699
Journal of Crop Research and Fertilizers$699
Journal of Surgical Procedures and Techniques$699
Journal of veterinary clinical practice and pet care$699
Journal of Clinical Trials in Oncology$699
Journal of pharmaceutical research and drug design$699
Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Biochemistry Journal$699
Journal of Virology and Vaccines Research $699
Journal of Nursing and Health Management $699
Journal of Hematology and Diabetes $699

  • Memberships are available for the Universities/Institutes/individuals/Scientific Societies.
  • The open access publishing model treats publication as the last phase of the research process and upon article acceptance of an article, the corresponding author will be notified that payment is due

Waiver Policy

  • Partial or complete weavers will be provided for low income countries and also discounts are applicable to the authors who do not have research funding sources either from the government or from their universities to cover APC.

Author Withdrawal (or) Refund Policy

  • Article-processing charges are not applicable, if author withdrawn the article within a week. However after a week as the article is under consideration of review process, it will be subjected to payment of partial processing fee which is equal to the 35% of the original article processing fee.