Special features

Clerisy publications bring the discoveries of medical and clinical researchers and practitioners to the world’s attention through the series of specialized features for unique representation of your research paper specially designed by the experts relevant to the field. As an open access publisher, Clerisy provides them freely for the readers available online from the date of publication. Readers can easily download, distribute, and access any sort of the format for reading it. Related manuscripts can be submitted at: Submit Manuscript page

With the support of editorial board your research paper will be put under extensive reviewer critique by fellow expertized researchers in the field and make sure your paper will be published within 32 days after your submission. We provide international exposure to your research article after its publication and strive to index your article in many indexing and abstracting services. Reviewed article will be published in different formats like PDF, full text, digital format for your research paper, audio file and video file (requires additional information time period).

  1. Fair and rigorous 32 days peer review
  2. International readership
  3. PDF edition
  4. HTML edition
  5. Digital edition
  6. Social networking
  7. Language translation
  8. Free alerts
  9. Clerisy blog
  10. Low publication charges
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